Increase your website’s traffic- A simple guide for newbies

What’s the point of owning a website if it doesn’t generate any traffic? A website without traffic is a website without a soul. Don’t you agree to that? It is truly an amazing feeling when you know that many users are visiting your website/blog. More website traffic means better website rankings.

Are you looking for ways to increase your website’s traffic? If your answer is ‘YES’, then read away!

Ways to increase your website’s traffic for FREE!

Here are some EXTREMELY SIMPLE ways in which you can increase the traffic to your website.

Add relevant hashtags-:

Never forget to add hashtags to your blog before publishing it! Hashtags will help your blog be viewed by more users, thereby increasing your website’s traffic. Make sure that you add hashtags which are relevant! There is no point in adding hashtags like #happy or #pets if your blog is about web development!

Don’t know which hashtags are popular and relevant to your blog’s topic? Worry not, best hashtag solves all your hashtag issues.

Enlist your website in a business listing site-:

If you own a website for your business, then you should definitely enlist your website on Google My Business, EnrollBusiness, YelloYello, etc as this will definitely enable users to know more about your business by checking out your company’s website, and as a result, your website gets more traffic.

Target popular keywords-:

Understand user trends by doing thorough research on keywords. Use free tools like GoogleTrends, KeywordsEverywhere, WordStream, etc as they give you a detailed analysis of keywords from a wide range of topics. So if you are stumped about what your next blog should be, then use these tools to understand what users are currently interested in. Writing content which your user wants to read will enable your website to gain more traffic.

 Promote your website on social media platforms-:

Don’t shy away from platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Make sure that you take advantage of these platforms as this will boost your website’s traffic. Also, ensure that you promote your website’s content on a daily basis ( but don’t spam!). Add beautiful pictures on your social media platform to capture the essence of your website’s content.

Use traffic generating tools-:

Tools like Google Adsense, TrafficBot and TrafficApe help your website get noticed by thousands of users. Create free accounts on these platforms to generate more views for your website.

Add internal links-:

Adding internal links will help users to navigate your website easily. So if you had previously written an article about SEO and now wrote a blog about digital marketing which mentioned something about SEO, then don’t forget to add a link to your SEO blog post.

Write engaging content-:

Write content which engages your audience and share your content to the right set of people. If your content is plain boring, then users will not spend enough time to explore your website. Always remember that ‘Content is King’.

So try these techniques to gain more website traffic!

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