LinkedIn Marketing – A Must-Do For Remarkable Results

Admit it – LinkedIn is the ultimate platform to find jobs, but does it only help companies to hire their employees? The answer is No, apart from employing, LinkedIn has proved to be a great marketing tool for businesses. Right from generating leads to meeting potential clients, everything is possible through it. More than 30 million companies use LinkedIn for business – to network, connect, and sell.


LinkedIn has immense power, however, not everyone realizes it. Linkedin marketing is all about using this platform with all the tools that it provides to get noticed, create connections in your industry, and ultimately do great business. It is the process to generate leads, create brand awareness, share content and drive traffic to your company’s website. LinkedIn is an inseparable part of much successful business’ marketing strategies today because of its effectiveness in expanding professional networks. Linkedin provides quite beneficial tools related to analytics and brand-building. A LinkedIn marketing strategy is all you need to have a good impression on potential clients. These strategies are curated keeping in mind the audience and industry of interest. Hence if used appropriately, LinkedIn is an effective marketing tool that can take your business to the next level.


A company page on LinkedIn is a great opportunity which helps businesses to promote their products and services along with recruiting top talent. This process is easy and could be completed in minutes. Follow these steps to frame an engaging company page.

  1. Write an appealing summary using SEO keywords
  2. Add products and services you provide
  3. Customize the profile URL for strong impact
  4. Use an attention-grabbing cover page 
  5. Post relevant updates of your company
  6. Use the “Featured” section wisely to display important content


Posting content regularly is essential to be noticed by others and gain more followers. Posts with videos and photos perform better because of visual ability.  According to LinkedIn, posts with images receive 98% more comments than those without. LinkedIn also finds that custom collages that include 3-4 images in one post perform well for pages. Videos see five times more engagement on LinkedIn than any other content type. The videos automatically play when someone scrolls by it, gradually grabbing more attention. Linkedin aims to show people content and posts that would engage them and accounts they would probably connect with. It’s critical to post regularly to build an audience on LinkedIn. LinkedIn estimates brands that post once a month gain followers six times faster than those that don’t. Companies that post weekly see two times the engagement. Yet another option is Live Video on Linkedin which could be used to conduct live webinars, networking events, and much more.


Encourage your employees to feature your company on their profiles. This automatically turns them into followers and helps your company get noticed on the platform. Also, it will make it easier for your employees to interact together with your company updates and share them with their connections. They can share news, articles, or round-up posts featuring your brand. Additionally, you ought to encourage a number of your top employees to participate in relevant LinkedIn Groups and establish their expertise within the field. LinkedIn Groups have designated pages allowing people in the same industry or with shared interests to interact with each other. With this information, consider establishing an employee advocacy initiative for your organization on LinkedIn. Encourage employees to share content, highlight accomplishments, and get the word out. With goals and a technique for employee advocacy, your organization can expect to ascertain its reach expand if done correctly. Not only is this a great method for your marketing organization to expand its reach, but it also creates opportunities for employees to flex their expertise as leaders and gain exposure.


Make use of all of your digital touchpoints—newsletter, social channels, website—and invite follows. When you do, tell people what benefits are present for them, from job opportunities to LinkedIn Live sessions. Create a LinkedIn Showcase Page to point out a special initiative or engage a target community. These pages give LinkedIn members insights to follow you, in case they don’t follow your page. Check LinkedIn Analytics regularly to enhance your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Track post metrics to ascertain what people engaged with most, what drove the foremost action, and what flopped. Adjust your content calendar accordingly. Compare how many pages view your tabs get, and if you manage a Showcase Page, see how much traction it’s getting. Visitor demographics gives you a way of who’s curious about your company. One of the more noteworthy LinkedIn marketing tools is its organic targeting option for posts. Page admin can target posts supported by follower profile data, including organization size, industry, job, seniority, geography, and language preference. Personalization options even allow you to address LinkedIn members by name, which makes a difference. 

We hope now you have received insights into using LinkedIn for marketing and promoting business. Undoubtedly many organizations have and are utilizing this tool to develop and enhance their network.

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