EdTech Apps That Transformed Education

The global pandemic has undoubtedly enforced students and learners to adapt to online methods of gaining knowledge. Teachers, students, and their parents are continually putting in their efforts to adjust to the format of homeschooling. One of the saviors of these times is Education Technology or EdTech. A lot of edtech apps have seen a certain rise in their platforms as they are trying new models as per the students’ convenience. We can define EdTech as the practice of introducing IT tools into the classroom in order to create a more engaging, interactive, and inclusive learning experience. Here are four EdTech Apps which transformed the Eduction sector.



Sometimes, nothing could be more difficult for students than to solve their own homework.Brainly is the solution for this plight. Brainly is an app that uses the wisdom of millions of students, thus providing answers to academic questions. This platform is designed for middle and high school students, but anyone could use it. Any registered student can post a question to the platform, and other students will post answers in reply. The system provides points to users through games and answering questions. Users need to use these points to post a question. The more points they use, the more quickly their question will be answered. The questions could be answered only once or twice before closing..

2.    KAHOOT!

Kahoot! is a game-based app that could be used by teachers to conduct quiz-based learning in real-time. It is possible in real and even virtual classrooms. This is one of the best tools used by  educators as it’s a free and easy-to-use cloud-based service. Students can learn concepts while playing these games which are fun and interesting for all. Kahoot! allows you to create creative quizzes and various games which makes it quick and efficient. Ideal for distance learning during which time and resources are at a premium. Only an internet connection is required to use this engaging tool. Kahoot also allows for the design of polls and surveys that populate on-the-spot data that stimulates quick instructional decisions. 


Haiku Learning is a platform that provides educational tools such as a Gradebook, a WiKi, a built-in annotator, discussion and content sharing. These tools contribute to efficient learning without any flaws. An online hub is created for acquiring a collaborative space that enables teachers to carry out assessments, draft reports, etc. Some of the things you can do with Haiku Learning tools include: importing content from different websites into your virtual class, evaluate and grade students’ work, or import standards for your school, or class to record and communicate mastery. This tool is a cleverly designed Learning Management System or LMS which focusses on extending learning beyond the classroom.


The Learn Next App by Next Education is all in one solution for students in right from playschool to grade 12. It contains academic solutions with videos, animations to make the process of learning practical and enjoyable. Also, this platform ensures students topic-wise questions with answers, sample test papers and many such resources. The unique feature is the online forum for discussions and doubt-solving.

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