Level Up Your Business With These Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter the place where users share their opinions and views on a variety of topics which could include products and services. Customers can interact directly with the businesses and ask for improvements, thus building strong relationships with the audiences. With the increasing online presence of customers on Twitter, it is high time that brands market their products on this ever-growing platform. Twitter marketing has proved to be a great tool for marketing, especially for small businesses looking to target local customers. Twitter Marketing can lead to increased reach and customer engagement, brand growth, and lead generation for all kinds of businesses. Here are some tips for you which can help you in leveraging your marketing strategy using this ultimate tool.



Twitter analytics can provide graphical data regarding your content which could then be analyzed for curating a marketing strategy. Determination of successful campaigns or flaws in service is done to acquire useful insights. Twitter analytics helps to understand the impact of the content shared on one’s business. Twitter analytics assembles all the behaviors and actions of audiences like the clicks, follows, likes expands, and more. This information is critical for a company to figure out the performance of the account. This feature proves to facilitate users to refine their business plans.


Knowing about the current trends on Twitter along with the trending hashtags is essential for a successful business and digital marketing. It helps to develop a direct relationship with the most relevant customers. Companies should study the recent trends and list out the relevant topics that have the potential to boost business. Any trend which is not beneficial to your brand should not be touched at all. Using trends on Twitter provides an opportunity to catch the attention of the consumers and establish a good rapport with them. Always encourage retweeting anything related to a large fan following. This would assist in increasing followers for your page.


One of the most important aspects of effective digital marketing is to present the right message at the right time. Undoubtedly, if you tweet at the right time, it can yield amazing results. The highest average click-through rates or CTR occurs between Mondays and Thursdays, 1 pm and 3 pm, with no specific peak times. This would be the best time to post if your goal is to get people to click-through to the website or landing page. The worst time for posting appears to be weekend evenings or after 8 pm to be precise, and Fridays after 3 pm. These times represent the lowest amount of engagement, clicks, and re-tweets. If these time conventions are followed with dedication, you will notice a drastic change in sales.


Twitter polls allow the user to generate a poll for the audience with four options, a quick and easy method to interact easily with customers within seconds. Also, the audience immediately gets the results after the vote out for an option. Polls are excellent for getting people to lean in with interest by answering creative questions. Create many polls to drive people to your page. Unlike traditional market surveys, Twitter polls could be used to learn about consumer expectations, ask for improvements, get in suggestions for your products. When customer’s opinions are heard, they feel more connected to your products and most probably refer it to others as well. Yet another way to use polls is setting context and expectations for upcoming products.
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