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What is the stock market?

The  stock  market  refers  to  the  collection  of  markets  and  exchanges  where   regular  buying, selling,  and  issuance  of  shares  of  publicly-held  companies   occur.  These  financial  activities  are  conducted   over the counter (institutionalized  formal  exchanges).  There  are  times  when   securities  cannot  meet  the  requirements  to  have a   listing  on  a  standard   market  exchange  such  as  the New …

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All About Entrepreneurship

WHAT IS ENTREPRENEURSHIP? While entrepreneurship can be categorized under various categories the most naïve definition for it would be, the act of creating a business or businesses while building and scaling it to generate a recurring profit. While most entrepreneurs focus on building businesses by definition, a lot of the responsibilities revolve around creating a …

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