Must Have Skills For Business Entrepreneurs

Running a business is far from easy! The number of startups and businesses are increasing drastically each year. With more competition on the line, it has become essential for business owners to find ways to ensure that their business stands out! As time progresses, businesses need to adopt new trends and strategies to keep their enterprise afloat. To keep up with the demands of these trends, it has become essential for business leaders and team members to develop new skills from time to time. Want to know more about the sought after skills which you should learn? 

Make sure that you and your teammates have skills pertaining to the business’s field as well as other crucial soft skills (like business communication). Want your venture to be successful? Then here are some essential skills which you need to master!


Staying organized is indeed a key to success, whether professional or personal. This will not only help you save time but staying organized will enable you to actually take up more work from more clients as well! How can you become an organized person? Well, you can go old school by keeping a journal with you at all times where you can keep track of your appointments, pending work, and new ideas. If you are a tech-savvy person, then make use of Google Calendar to view your appointments and Evernote or Google Keep to make lists regarding your new work and pending work.


With the help of social media, you can promote your business to the right kind of audience. This new way of marketing has been adopted by many startups as well as established businesses. You can advertise your services and products on social media at a very nominal fee as well! Social media marketing is here to stay, so become well acquainted with this marketing technique to gain more clients and also to help you build your brand’s image.


Most of us may know how to enter data into different cells in a spreadsheet, but you can do so much more with MS Excel. Learn how to integrate complex mathematical functions to your spreadsheet and also learn how to obtain graphs from the data in your sheet. With MS Excel, you can gain a lot of insight into your business’s trends. Also, with this software, you can maintain your enterprise’s accounts in an organized way. Take up an advanced excel course on learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy, edX, Alison, etc.


If you want your website to gain more traffic, then learn more about Search Engine Optimization(SEO) techniques. Understand the methods of optimizing your website’s content so that your web pages get ranked higher by Google’s search engine. Udemy has some free courses on SEO. By learning about SEO, you will be able to take great advantage of tools like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Yoast SEO, and lots more with ease to help your website gain traffic.


Without good communication skills, how will you market your services to your clients and other individuals? For a business to succeed, great communication skills are a must! Ensure that you and your team master the art of professional interaction. Learn how to negotiate and make business deals in a seasoned manner by improving your communication skills.


As time progresses, new skills will be on the rise. Never stop the process of learning new things! A plan which may work very well for your business may not be the ideal plan tomorrow. So ensure that you can adapt to changes from time to time.

By learning these skills, your business venture will truly be successful! So master these essential skills now!

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Instagram Essentials For Business

Instagram has become one of the most powerful social media tools in the recent past. Many businesses are opting to start their own Instagram pages in order to enable their brand to gain more visibility. Gone are the days when startups would shell out huge amounts of money to advertise their products in newspapers and magazines! With the help of Instagram, established businesses and startups can advertise their products to target customers at affordable prices and even for free!

Want to make the best out of your business’s Instagram account? Here are some simple ways to help your Instagram page gain more traffic!


Don’t we all just love looking at Instagram accounts that have clear and beautiful pictures? Add high-quality images(HD) to make your account look professional. Blurry images may give people the impression that your business is just on an average scale and as a result, they might not spend enough time browsing through all your posts.


By switching to a business account, you will gain access to tools Instagram Insights which will help you to monitor your Instagram page’s traffic. In addition to this, your Instagram account will gain contact buttons like ‘Call’ and ‘Email’. So it becomes easier for users to contact you! These amazing features aren’t available for personal accounts, so switch to a business account now! The process is extremely simple and free. Learn how to switch to a business Instagram account in a matter of seconds here.


Add videos about your business and products on IGTV! This is a fun way to engage with your audience. Shoot videos that will enthrall your audience to keep watching your videos and in turn follow your account! To know more about IGTV’s video limit and specifications, click here.


Hashtags will ensure that your posts are seen by many Instagram users including the ones who don’t follow your account! So don’t forget to add relevant hashtags in the caption before pressing the post button. Use free tools like All Hashtag, Keyword Tool, and best hashtags to find the most popular hashtags which you can add to your posts.


Instagram doesn’t allow you to add clickable website links to your posts unlike other platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. So, add your website’s link to the bio-data of your Instagram account and direct your users to click on the link in your bio. In case you want to direct your users to multiple pages like blogs, affiliation links, etc, create a landing page wherein all your links will be available on a single page. Create your landing page for free by using tools like Linktree, Contactinbio, or Campsite. Bio.

To understand what a landing page looks like, check out the landing page of Trudawn Solutions:-


Add pictures and short videos to your Instagram stories. Instagram Stories have become a new way for users to share content. If you have more than 10,000 followers for your business account, then Instagram will honor you with the ‘Swipe up’ feature for your stories! That’s a big deal! With the ‘swipe up’ feature, you could easily direct your audience to the link which you would like them to see. You will no longer need to have a landing page to direct your users to visit your desired links.


In order to ensure that others don’t impersonate your business account, get your account verified. You must have observed a blue tick next to the name of some accounts, that small blue tick indicates that your account is verified by Instagram. Once your account is verified, you will get access to the ‘swipe up’ feature even if you don’t have 10,0000 followers! Instagram gives higher priority to verified accounts, so get your account verified! Understand how to get your account verified by clicking here

Instagram is truly a compelling social media tool for businesses. Follow these simple steps to make the most out of your business’s Instagram account!

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All About Digital Marketing

Let’s face it. Most of us prefer using our phones to find out information about a product/service rather than going through newspaper ads. Nowadays, we hardly have the patience to watch television ads since we prefer recording our favorite programs rather than watching it in real-time. Don’t we all just prefer cutting the call when a telemarketer starts droning on about some services or products!

In today’s age, digital media is truly a dominant part of our lives. We start our day by checking our emails and then as the day progresses, we tend to check out our social media accounts. So, in such an age where digitization is ruling the world, it has become important to keep up with the changing times. It has become crucial for businesses to reinvent their marketing strategies in order to stay on top of their game. This has paved a way for digital marketing.


When we see ‘digital’ and ‘marketing’ together, we tend to think that this is a fancy concept. But it’s actually pretty simple to understand. Marketing which is done using digital platforms is called digital marketing. This means that businesses use platforms like email, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc to promote their products and services.


Since there are a plethora of digital platforms that can be used by businesses for marketing purposes, it becomes essential to segregate them into different types. Depending on your business’s needs, it is important to choose the right kind of digital marketing strategy. The more digital platforms you use, the better! Sticking to a single strategy is not a very smart move. You need to use multiple digital platforms if you want your business to grow. Some of the popular types of digital marketing are:-

1. Social Media Marketing:-

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are some of the popular platforms which are used by businesses to market their products. In order to reach out to the ‘social media generation’, your business needs to consider the social media marketing strategy. This type of marketing will help your business to get a great web presence.

2. Affiliate Marketing:-  

This marketing strategy will ensure that your business will gain a great number of profits. In short, it’s one of the best ways to make money online quickly. All you have to do is to join an affiliate program like Miles Web, HostGator, BlueHost, SiteGround, etc, and choose a product which your business would like to promote. You will be provided a unique link that you can share on your social media accounts. When customers click your unique link and purchases the product, your business will also get a good commission!

3.Email Marketing:-

If building good relations with your client is important for your business, then the email marketing strategy is a very good option. This type of marketing will help your business gain more loyal customers as they are eager to know more about your business. You can reach out to a great number of loyal as well as potential customers if you opt for this marketing strategy.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):-

Most of us tend to click only on the first few links on the search engine page while searching for information. SEO marketing ensures that your business’s website gains more web traffic and thereby remaining at the top of all search engine results.

Digital Marketing has become a powerful marketing tool in today’s digital age. The best part about this type of marketing is that it not only generates good results but is also cost-effective. It ensures that your business has great success. Above all, digital marketing is a risk-free strategy.

Trudawn Solutions can help your business in developing and executing great digital marketing strategies. We love helping businesses and startups gain a great foothold in the digital world.

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